Saturday, November 27, 2010

Washaun Ealey, RUN This State Tonight

Last year, Washaun Ealey made it clear that the kid can bring it (20 carries, 183 yards) in the Clean Old Fashion Hate game. This year has been disappointing as far as his production and off the field problems. I have yet to back off my opinion that the kid is a potential 1,200 yard back in the SEC. Will he do it next year? I think so.

None-the-less, barring his fumbleitous returning, I predict we will see 100+ yards from Ealey again tonight. As with the season, the running game was strange this year. I attribute some of it to an under-performing line, much of it to not having AJ from the start, a LOT of it to play calling, and the rest to the football gods.

Hopefully the kid will be back in true fashion for 2011!


  1. Allow me to reiterate: Our running game has outgained last year's 11-game production.

  2. I hear you! This whole season has just been odd. I think the additional rushing yardage has come from the additional plays that we have run because of Murray's ability to move the chains. This year we have .6 less ypc though.

  3. Doesn't Bobo have to run him more than 5 times to get these numbers?

  4. Yeah, 3 carries for 49 yards in the first half! Maybe he'll get 4 more in the second half!

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