Monday, November 15, 2010

The Worst Of All Nick Fairley Plays

Watching this video just proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that players like Nick Fairley have no business in football until they learn how to be a man. Chicken $hit players like this are worthless.

Watch this video (Auburn Fans) and tell me the guy is a winner. You can clearly see Fairley trying to dig his facemask into Murray's throat and chin.

Danielson, you dumba$$, their helmets are not stuck!


  1. Kevin says:

    As an AU fan i do not like to see it and hope the coaches put a stop to it. I think the game was dirtier than usual on both sides and hope the AU coaches fix it on our side. Good luck against Tech and try to represent the SEC better than the Colorado game.

  2. Thanks Auburn fan. Good luck against Alabama and Steve Spurrier again and whomever you play in whatever BCS Bowl Game. Congratulations on the nearly 3 TD win over my beloved Georgia Bulldogs and your 11-0 record. Hope 2010 undefeated turns out better than 1994 and 2003 undefeated Auburn teams. Had UGA gone undefeated any of the 3 years, we would have been National Champions all 3 years, unlike Auburn. 2003, you recall Auburn beat more Top 25 Final AP Poll teams than both Southern California and Oklahoma combined did; yet, you didn't even get to play in the game because you failed to address the point. I posted about everyday all year long 2003. You should do more reading of posts on the Internet Auburn fans, and you should address issues. You have another issue yet again this 2010 season. Will it ever end for Auburn - all these issues in undefeated seasons by Auburn ?

    What you see by Georgia fans, for the most part, after every game is some long list of excuses and out right lies.

    Apparently our excuse for losing to Auburn by nearly 3 TD is that only you guys were dirty. Georgia is the team with the dirty street cred. Is, has been and will continue to be. Thus our Fulmer Cup National Championship THIS YEAR.

    I have read defenses for every single play in the game, as NOT dirty. What I have not read is anyone saying, Gene Chizik has done a better job of hiring a coaching staff who make adjustments during the game and who recruit better than our "coaching staff" Coach Richt will have fired all of his hires in a 12-month period.

    I do not want Alabama to win. LSU cannot play in the NC game. Neither can Alabama, whom I did rout for last season in the BCS NC game. What I am supposed to rout for Texas ? Now, that is laughable. I have one team to rout for this season; and it sure as hell ain't us.

    You're a better football team, better coached, and have better talent - which is what we don't want to talk about. We sit here squirming in our seats trying to figure out what we can say OFF THE POINT OF THE LOSS after EVERY GAME.

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