Thursday, November 25, 2010

No NCAA Violation, Really?

I am pretty much done with the NCAA and their impotent investigative powers. How can the NCAA find out that AJ Green did what he did, but then turn around and proclaim innocence on LaMichael James.

I mean, guys from economically disadvantaged families always drive around legally in Range Rovers and Mustangs, right. I'm sure he worked hard and paid for that Range Rover legitimately, while playing major DI football. LOL..I can't wait to hear the bashing I get for this!


  1. Him driving around in a 2000 Mustang should not be an issue. They are dirt cheap. But receiving a 2003 Range Rover in place of it has the potential to be huge depending on the mileage and condition. There is a HUGE price variation in the two. That would HAVE to constitute receiving benefits. It could easily be a a $5k-$11k benefit.

    They'll claim the "uncle" already owned the Range Rover. If they pay attention, that Mustang the uncle received in the exchange will soon become a 2008/09 BWM.

    The investigations seem to be mighty shallow when a team in #1 in the nation.

  2. That's exactly what I was thinking anon!

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