Thursday, November 18, 2010

Have You Seen This About Cam Newton

I especially love the title: "As The Plains Burn". This guy has seemingly all of the details. The post is lengthy, but it almost looks like it came from the authorities as part of the investigation! It is VERY detailed:


  1. just read. Awesome stuff! Auburn is screwed if it is true.

  2. just FYI:

    From someone in the know from the early 90's at AU:
    A certain coach and ex AU player was the main man in the middle of this stuff, I was not blind to how things worked and the fact he was the coach that was that guy. He is known for getting players by certain means. He was pushed along with Hall (the bag guy in the blog) and others from the Dye era by Bowden. At the time it did not make sense because he brought in all the good players and they had a close relationship with him. Now maybe it does, that terry was trying to clean the place up. I know our recruiting went to shit after he left and never returned under Bowden.
    This coach went to UT and took the best recruits he had lined up for AU with him (T. MArtin and Jamal Lewis to name 2). He then left UT and ended up wearing Red and Black. At UGA he started having top recruiting classes. I know and worked for this coach and could see how the system worked without knowing the exact particulars.

    The point is we all pay, it just a matter of when we get caught or turned in (MSU).

  3. The new problem we all have to remember is the FBI involved in this now. The possibility of jail could make people talk that usually would keep quiet. So when people start to turn on each other to stay out of jail the stories could nail all of the SEC and college football. I assume of all the players AU got due to money we also lost due to money.

    The FBI has wiretaps that could included AU players recruitment and money paid but would probably also include the players we did not get and the money needed to get them. SO if the tapes include this it would cause the case to grow to include the schools and players AU did not get.This thing might grow to include the whole SEC and maybe all of college football. This Cam thing could take down the whole system of college football.

  4. Now reality, Booster are the rich of the rich, they are powerful beyond belief, I do not thing they would stand by without telling the "their senators and politicians" to tell the FBI to back off but if Holder does not hold them back it could get super ugly for everybody. I would bet money it stops in Montgomery. At least i hope for AU and all of college football. We all know money is involved and still enjoy the sport.

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