Saturday, November 13, 2010

Auburn Wins, Goes to 0-11 For The Season.

That's right, I said Z-E-R-O & 11. The Auburn Tigers and sCam Newton have sold their souls to the devil and beat my beloved Dawgs tonight. Mark my word. I don't go out on a limb very often, but the Tigers have been playing an ineligible player this year, and he is AWESOME, but they will forfeit their season when all is said and done.

Am I bitter that he helped to defeat the Dawgs tonight? Not at all. We couldn't stop him because he is one hell of a college football player. I don't think he will be able to do the things he does at the next level, but we'll see.

My deepest concerns pertaining to this whole situation are that he is completely SCREWING Auburn University, and they have gone all-in hoping a miracle keeps the NCAA from ruling sCam as an ineligible player. Cecil Newton solicited money. That negated sCam's amateur status. Put this in your pipe and smoke it too: Auburn paid the kid or his family. Otherwise, why in the hell did he go there instead of Mississippi State at the last minute. How did Cecil's church miraculously come up with 10's of thousands of dollars to make improvement? Why is the IRS and FBI interviewing witnesses? I know why...the rumors are TRUE.

Go Dawgs! That was one hell of a performance against the number "2" team in the nation.

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  1. I agree totally. Shame that all that going down on Auburn as one player looks out for only himself.

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