Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dawgs, It's Time To Play With Your Hair On Fire

I fully expect the Dawgs to come out pissed off tonight, and handle the Yellow Jackets like we should. This year has been one of the more disappointing years in my few decades as a rabid Dawg fan.

Who even really cares about a bowl game at this point? It is my opinion that a team with 6 losses doesn't deserve to play in a bowl game anyways. Today, it's all about pride, and coming together as a Dawg team with twice, hell, THREE times that talent as the nerds!

I'm not big on making these bold predictions, mainly because of the jinx, but I say DAWGS 45 - NERDS 13!

Earn that paycheck tonight Grantham!


  1. Andy....edit "you're" headline, man. Come on.

  2. Hahaha! Droid! It's fixed now, with a little pic added!

  3. Nice insight! keep this blog updated! Checkout Amanda

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